Welcome to the Brain – Object Theater – AMNH 2010

Welcome to the Brain – Object Theater – AMNH 2010

Welcome to the Brain – Object Theater – AMNH 2010

This introductory video to the exhibition “Brain: the inside story” at the American Museum of Natural History, is what in the exhibition’s world is called an “Object Theather”. After more than two decades in the field, object theaters are considered something tacky and ugly, reminiscent of dusty Orlando rides (I still love the ET ride, however). Even though I had read all these bad things about object theaters, I thought we could still have a chance to make something good out of this concept. The truth was that a VIP in the museum had requested a gigantic resin brain to be placed in the beginning of the show, right were we would normally help visitors by introducing them to complex concepts through a introductory video. So I though, maybe we can make an object theater work. This was a frightening idea, but we have very talented people here.

We struggled for weeks on how to make this work. Lighting shows, lasers. There are things I am even embarrassed to mention, but between all of us, and with the exceptional narrative talent of Sarah Galloway, we landed on this story in which visitors can follow a dancer’s life (A Juliard’s student) and see how her emotions affect her brain and vice versa. At the same time, Karl Matsuda, expert sculptor, David Clinard master lighting designer and Ben Wilson super programmer, married model and video to make an astonishing coordinated presentation where the brain showcased activity in different areas, depending on the emotions of the dancer.



American Museum of Natural History, 2010
“Brain: the Inside Story”
Object Theater
Helene Alonso, Sarah Galloway, Ben Wilson, David Clinard, Karl Matsuda, Cine Ostrow, Rob Desalle

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