The Body Table – Inside You 2015

The Body Table – Inside You 2015

The Body Table – Inside You 2015

An oversized projected person allows visitors to explore key regions of the human body and discover the many relationships that microbes have between themselves and with their hosts on or inside a person. Ecological concepts such as competition, mutualism, and niche adaptation are explained by video overlay in the context of the human body by making comparisons to such phenomena in the natural world.

Visitors interact with the sensing surface to activate layers of three-dimensional models, showcasing the inside of the human body. Seventeen simultaneous users can explore the sensing surface to activate the content.

The Body Table from Helene Alonso on Vimeo.

American Museum of Natural History, 2015
“Inside You”
Interactive surface
Scientific Advisors: Susan Perkins and Rob DeSalle
Executive Creative Direction: Helene Alonso
Creative Direction/Project Lead: Ariel Nevarez
Research & writing
Joe Levit
Animation and Creative Direction: Robert Peterson
Brett Peterson and Eojin Chae
System Design: 
Ariel Nevarez
Industrial Design: Lydia Romero

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