Skyscraper! – Exhibition – LSC 2007

Skyscraper! – Exhibition – LSC 2007

Skyscraper! – Exhibition – LSC 2007

Skyscraper! Achievement & Impact is the biggest exhibition ever made about tall buildings. At 13,000 square feet, it contains 46 interactives, 62 artifacts –including a foundation column the World Trade Center-, and three immersive experiences related to water, height and wind. The project was developed under the advise of international figures like Ken Yeang, Sir Norman Foster and Dan Kaplan.

For this project I wore many hats. First, I lead a small team in the production of the exhibition. I also acted as Senior Exhibit Developer, responsible for the research and development of content. And finally, I designed the interactives and produced some of the media pieces.

This extraordinary project brought me to the construction site of The New York Times building by Renzo Piano; took me to Dubai to photograph the tallest building then, the Burj Dubai. The project also allowed me to meet some of the most extraordinary architects and engineers, like Daniel Libeskind or Leslie Robertson –the engineer of the World Trade Center Towers. The exhibition is part of the permanent offer of Liberty Science Center.

The first section called The Models, is a collection of the most important skyscrapers in history portrayed on scale, up to 30 feet of height. Each building was photographed under a collage technique, which makes every skyscraper a compendium of about 200 HD images. I produced all the US buildings ( Empire State, Chrysler Building, Conde Nast, John Hanckock, Sears Tower and 1 Bryant Park) and directed a talented group of local photographers in the production of three foreign skyscrapers.

The gallery's 30 feet ceiling, allowed us to build a mezzanine, adding to the verticality of the subject.

The second section of the exhibition is a lab, where visitors can test their designs.

Shake Table This mechanical and multimedia interactive allows visitors to test skyscraper structures against real earthquake data. The video below shows how it works.

The Crane Model A small crane model allows visitors to try their skills at operating a crane.

The Schedule An interactive schedule wall, allows visitors to explore every phase of the New York Times Tower construction, a building designed by Renzo Piano. I produced and directed the three-year-long documentation of the New York Times construction, though a collection of eight thousand photographs and 40 hours of video interviews. To see a selection of the photographs, click here

The Wind Tunnel A computer controlled wind tunnel allows visitors to test skyscrapers against wind by using sensors and scaled models.

Heat Island Effect This beautiful tank shows the effect that certain building materials have on the atmosphere in what is known as Heat Island Effect.

On Top of the World At this viewer visitors can see panoramic cubic images from the top of skyscrapers at some of the most beautiful cities of the world.

Visions of the FutureAt this exhibit, famous architects explain how skyscrapers will be in the future. Internationally recogniced architects such as Ken Yeang, Daniel Libeskind, Adrian Smith, Helene de Garay and Patrick Schumacher participated in the project. To see a selection of the drawings click here.

Liberty Science Center, 2007
“Skyscraper! Achievement & Impact” Exhibition
Helene Alonso, Carlos Fierro, Elizabeth Grotyohan, Wayne LaBar, Ellen Lynch, Tony Morales, Ann Newmann, Joel Servetz, Dan Wodarcyk.

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