Roosevelt Memorial – Video Series – AMNH 2012

Roosevelt Memorial – Video Series – AMNH 2012

Roosevelt Memorial – Video Series – AMNH 2012

For the 154th anniversary of Theodore Roosevelt’s birth, the American Museum of Natural History embarked on a complete renovation of its original memorial built several decades earlier. The site, which encompasses the main façade of the Museum overlooking Central Park, also includes the main entrance of the museum and an entire floor of exhibitions dedicated to Roosevelt’s legacy in conservation. To celebrate one of the original founders of the institution, the Museum created a year-long event, aligned with the renovation of the exhibitions and the creation of new content.

As part of the new galleries, we embarqued in the production of a series of video interviews that together would provide a broad perspective of Roosevelt’s role in the history of US conservation. Great American conservationists and historians, from Bill Clinton to Douglas Brinkley, were interviewed for this series. A small selection of the interviews follows.

President Jimmy Carter

President Bill Clinton

Ken Salazar – Secretary of Interior under President B. Obama

Dirk Kempthorne, Secretary of the Interior under President George W. Bush

Patty O’Toole – Historian and Author

Douglas Brinkley – Historian and Author

Edmund Morris – Historian and Author

Theodore Roosevelt IV – Conservationist, Banker, Descendant

Narinder Kakar – Permanent Observer of the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN)

David Hurst Thomas – Curator



American Museum of Natural History, 2012
“Theodore Roosevelt Memorial”
Video Series
Curator: David Hurst Thomas
Creative Direction/Project Lead: Helene Alonso
Editorial Direction
: Lauri Halderman, Sasha Nemecek, 

Editing: Ben Thudhope
Government Relationships:
Ruth Cohen 
Communications: Roberto Lebron, Eugenia Levinson 

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