Poison Mysteries – iPad App – AMNH 2013

Poison Mysteries – iPad App – AMNH 2013

Poison Mysteries – iPad App – AMNH 2013

Poison Mysteries” is an iOS game developed as part of the “The Power of Poison” exhibition at the American Museum of Natural History. It proposes three mysteries where users can help save different poisoning victims: Skippy the dog, Captain Cook and a wild owl. Through a series of clues and by using scientific tools, players can determine the cause of the poisoning and maybe save the victim. Filled with humor and rich visuals, the game has been a success with both audiences and the press. It received a nominations for the 2013 Webby Award.

POI me App Promo v03 h264 from Helene Alonso on Vimeo.



American Museum of Natural History, 2013
“The Power of Poison”
iPad app
Scientific Advisors: Mark Siddall
Creative Direction/Project Lead: Helene Alonso, Catharine Weese, Sasha Nemecek
Interaction & Media Direction: Helene Alonso
Editorial Direction
: Sasha Nemecek
Art Direction:
Catharine Weese
UX Design: Helene Alonso, Elizabeth Anderson, Molly Crickman
Animation: Sarah Rothberg
Video: Sarah Galloway
Nick Bartzokas, Cameron Browning
Licensing: Jose Ramos
Photography: Ariel Nevarez
Margaret Dornfeld, Joseph Levit, JoAnn Gutin
Graphic Design: Elizabeth Anderson, Molly Crickman

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