Flight Like a Pterosaur – Videogame – AMNH 2014

Flight Like a Pterosaur – Videogame – AMNH 2014

Flight Like a Pterosaur – Videogame – AMNH 2014


This highly engaging interactive enables visitors to translate flight mechanics into onscreen action. Users step up to Kinect motion sensors and use their bodies to control the flight of a virtual pterosaur. Two pterosaur species with different aerodynamic features are available, and each travel through  prehistoric landscapes filled with scientifically accurate plants and geological formations.

Nick Bartzokas, the creative lead on this project, created the experience to be powered by Kinect and developed on Unity. The game has been widely praised by the press and the gaming community. Thorough articles by the New York Times, Wall Street Journal and Mashable focused on this and other strategies envisioned by my department to foster learning through digital experiences.

PTE me 3-15 FLAP walkthru from Helene Alonso on Vimeo.



American Museum of Natural History, 2012
“Pterosaurs, Flight in the Time of Dinosaurs”
iPad app
Scientific Advisors: Mark Norrell, Alexander Kellner, Mike Habib
Executive Creative Direction: Helene Alonso
Creative Direction/Project Lead: Nick Bartzokas
Research & writing
: Joe Levit
Animation: Camila Engelbert, Joshua Krause
Unity 3D Modeling: Nick Bartzokas, Brett Peterson, Ben
Nick Bartzokas, Brett Peterson, Ben Norskov
System Design:
Ariel Nevarez

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