Building The New York Times – Interactive – LCS 2007

Building The New York Times – Interactive – LCS 2007

Building The New York Times – Interactive – LCS 2007

Building The New York Times is an interactive created as part of the Skyscraper! exhibition at Liberty Science Center. It is a complex interactive that involved several productions, combined on a single piece.

I followed the construction of this Renzo Piano skyscraper from beginning to end. I visited the site with Joel Servetz and Toni Morales, interviewing workers and filming the process. I had no previous knowledge of construction, so it was a time of discovery for me. This lack of knowledge helped me figure a way to explain more clearly what was happening within the apparent chaos of a construction site. The construction of the building lasted three years and in that time I saw it rise under all kinds of weather. I visited the top, and even filmed it from a helicopter. To see a selection of images from this adventure, visit this other post here.

Despite my poor English and slight improvisation, you can see it best in this video:

At the same time, we set a camera on a neighboring building to produce a timelapse of the construction. We worked with Moey Inc, the media company, to set this up. These two are samples of some of the initial images. The video below is just a segment. The final one at Liberty Science Center shows cranes going up and down, the facade being installed, and antenna placement, all big milestones in skyscraper construction.

Finally, we designed the interfaces to allow visitors to navigate the content by sliding a screen over an oversized graphic schedule. The video editing and the software was developed by Shedd-Angier-Lewis and the hardware by Onomy Labs.

I got to meet a lot of people during those three years in the construction and learned a great deal about engineering and architecture. Once in a while I stop to look at construction sites and figure what they are up to. Sometimes, I find an old friend, and while we do not remember our names anymore, we still jump to hug each other. It is like a family I had in another life.

Liberty Science Center, 2007
“Skyscraper! Achievement & Impact” Exhibition
Sliding screen Interactive
Helene Alonso, Joel Servetz, Tony Morales, Moey Inc, Shedd-Angier-Lewis, Onomy Labs.

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